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Kempinski Hotel The Dome

Antalya / Belek

Disappointing.when ive arrived at 14:30 my room wasnt ready yet. ıve left my luggage and got back to reception at 17 pm to get the key. but surprisingly when i came in my room nearly 3 hours later then check in time, the cleaning services seemed to just started to work there. few lights were not working properly in the room. at the departure day weve asked for availability for late check out for few hours up until 1415 pm, but there was no room and the cleaning service would come and knock the door at 12:3 pm. so what does it make the hotel service to act so much unrespectful to the guests, that cant even leave the shower few mins after formal check out time, but had to wait for 3 hours or 4 hours in case of my dad for their room to be ready when theyve arrived? and the hotel is not that big comparing with many others in the costs over 300 per night, yet theres no dental or shaving kit and cleaning service wont leave me additional shower gel even though the previous one was almost empty. when ı came to a waiter in a beach bar and kindly told him with a smile on your face that he hadnt see me calling him for few mins, he would answer that he was passing by me right before and it was me who hadnt seen him and said nothing to him. ı mean... no smile or apology neither here nor from reception at one wise man said: problems happen, no big deal. what matters is the reaction to it. yes, it happens so the room wasnt clean or the waiter would not occasionally see you while talking with other waiter at the bar. even though it wasnt nice and respectful at all. but the way you solve the problem matters a need to mention that this is a 5star expensive hotel in belek, turkey, whereas belek is so wellknown for its high class service. by the way absolutely same experience happen to my dad whod stayed at kempinski at the same time both with room service and late check in due to room that wasnt ready even by 17 or 18 pm.definitely not the quality of service that you expect from such hotel for such a was fine though and waiters at the main restaurant very attentive and helpful.

Ekim 2018

Kempinski Hotel The Dome